The Learning Collaborative is a 5-star, accredited preschool serving only families with the greatest need.  Although the name may be new to Charlotte, the program dates back to 1990.  The Learning Collaborative (TLC) is a union of the Seigle Avenue Preschool Cooperative and the Community Weekday School.  Through this union, TLC is able to serve more children and their families.  Because families are not charged tuition to attend, the preschool is dependent upon ongoing and generous community support.  Speedway Children’s Charities is one of those supporters and here are two success stories made possible through their assistance.

Bobby first came to the Seigle Avenue Preschool Cooperative at the age of 3.  Bobby’s mother worked at a fast food restaurant making minimum wage; his father was disabled from a work-related injury.  The family struggled to consistently put food on the table.  Several times during the school year circumstances forced the family to seek referrals to food pantries in the area.  Through Bobby’s enrollment at Seigle Avenue Preschool and the generous funding granted by Speedway Children’s Charities, each weekday Bobby and his classmates received a healthy breakfast, a hot lunch and an afternoon snack prepared by Encore Catering.  What a relief to Bobby’s family, knowing their preschool child received hearty, healthy meals before arriving home where a balanced meal might be scarce.  Because Bobby received a nutritious meal through the preschool, he was able to stay healthy.  This fact, along with the family’s commitment to education, helped Bobby achieve near perfect attendance while attending preschool.  That consistency made a huge difference in Bobby’s academic success.  Although Bobby joined the preschool family knowing only one letter of the alphabet, he graduated from the program knowing 20.

Just around the corner, in a donated Habitat for Humanity house, was a preschooler named Kevin whose mom was unemployed and never finished high school.  Before Kevin was enrolled in the Community Weekday School, most of his preschool years were spent at home with limited adult supervision.  Kevin’s academic skills were delayed for his age.  Although he was 4, he was not able to recognize any letters or numbers.  Through the subsidized preschool tuition offered by a Speedway Children’s Charities grant, Kevin was able to attend a 5 star, accredited preschool.  Attending the Community Weekday School offered Kevin a stable and structured environment.  He was able to take part in creative and educational activities in a small, mixed age, classroom setting.  Kevin graduated from the program writing his name and recognizing some sight words.  On his first report card, Kevin earned all 3’s, exceeding every kindergarten expectation.

By supporting these preschool programs, Speedway Children’s Charities help make sure Bobby, Kevin and many more children are ready for kindergarten by providing healthy meals and preschool tuition.  Thank you.