The Parker Autism Foundation is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to serving children with autism spectrum disorders and their families. Our goal is to raise funds to provide scholarships for services for those children who so desperately need the assistance but whose families cannot afford the often overwhelming cost associated with these therapies. We also believe that education of parents, family members and the community is critical. We believe that every child with autism deserves the chance to succeed!

The Foundation offers support for families and holds educational workshops to educate professionals, parents and family members on autism. The Foundation’s greatest accomplishment is the funding we do for Camp Dakota. While we do give scholarships to other camps that help children with autism, we have focused on Camp Dakota’s unique approach in helping children with autism enjoy a camp experience. With the funding that the Foundation receives from Speedway Children’s Charities we are able to send several children to camp that would otherwise have been unable to attend due to financial restraints.  The Foundation, with the help from Speedway Children’s Charities, gives families the peace of mind that their child will have a safe and happy place to learn and grow over the summer.

We have several families who benefit from the grant the Foundation receives from Speedway Children’s Charities, but there is one family that benefits more than any other. This family adopted 4 children, three of whom have been diagnosed with autism.  The family is a one income family and struggles to find the funding for therapies, doctors, and other bills, let alone find funding to send three children to a special needs camp. The Foundation was able to send all three children to camp for the summer. When we told the parents they were going to receive a scholarship for all three children, the sheer joy in their eyes was enough for us. They said they knew that Camp Dakota would help each one of the children to continue to grow and learn. They were also comforted by the fact that the children would not only be in a safe place, but that they would be in a place that understood each of their special needs and would nourish and cherish each child.