The generous grant provided by the Speedway Children's Charities has allowed March Forth With Hope to continue to fulfill the wish of Hope Elizabeth Stout, who died from bone cancer on January 4, 2004. Hope is most famous for helping to raise $1.1 million dollars to grant the wishes of 155 children on the Make-A-Wish Foundation's waiting list in late 2003. However, when she was hospitalized in November 2003, Hope was appalled that parents would leave their children to face chemotherapy treatment alone.

After her death, the March Forth With Hope Foundation was founded by Stuart and Shelby Stout. Hope's birthday was March 4th, 1991. The foundation provides basic financial relief to the families of children facing life-threatening illnesses or injuries. March Forth With Hope makes mortgage and rent payments, keeps the power on, repairs cars and put groceries on the table if needed.

Last year, like most non-profits, March Forth With Hope struggled with the economic downturn. The grant March Forth With Hope received from SCC last December enabled them to continue to provide grants and this far in 2010, they have helped 12 families with over $28,300 worth of relief.