Muryam Joseph recently visited Crisis Assistance Ministry with two of her daughters, Felicia (17) and Samahjae (8).   Muryam was carrying a heavy burden that day, yet she still continued to smile and remained thankful for the blessings in her life.  She is a single mother caring for four children ranging in age from 8-17 years old living in a rental home in Charlotte.  She does not own a car and has to rely on public transportation.  

Muryam needed emergency financial assistance to pay her $108 power bill.  Without help, her power would be disconnected that day.  It was cold outside, and her children needed light to do their homework.  Muryam’s caseworker talked with her at length, developed a plan to avoid future crisis and ensured that the family’s electricity would not be disconnected.

But there was much more at stake for this mother.  Samahjae, her youngest, has sickle cell anemia and takes daily medications that require refrigeration. Without them, Samahjae suffers pain, risks serious infection and organ damage.  While shopping for clothing in Crisis Assistance Ministry’s Free Store, 8-year-old Samahjae remarked that it is important for kids to have coats to keep them warm so they won’t get sick.  Kids like Samahjae in Charlotte Mecklenburg were warmer this winter thanks to 10,000+ coats donated to and distributed by Crisis Assistance Ministry.

Thanks to generous gifts from Speedway Children’s Charities and other partners, our agency served 32,390 families in 2008-2009.  With your help, Crisis Assistance Ministry provides rent, utilities, clothing, household goods and dignity to thousands each year.