Freedom School Partners is grateful to Speedway Children’s Charities for their generous financial support of our mission to engage, educate and empower children to succeed in school and in life through quality, year-round educational enrichment programs.

This year Freedom School Partners (formerly Seigle Avenue Partners) celebrated its tenth anniversary.  In the course of a decade, FSP has grown its after-school program to serve almost eighty students who live in the area once known as Piedmont Courts. In addition, FSP is the sponsoring organization for ten Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools® serving over 500 children throughout Charlotte.  Freedom Schools are free, six-week literacy-based summer enrichment programs for children grades kindergarten through eighth at risk of school failure. This model complements school-year learning, inspires a love of reading and builds self-awareness in a fun and culturally-rich environment. Under the instruction of college-student interns, students learn through an integrated reading curriculum that includes conflict resolution, problem solving and social action.

Ms. Carla Wilson, a mother of three children, was grateful that her kids could experience Freedom School. “They developed a bond with the interns and are still in communication with them; loved the books they read, and was able to keep them to read again; and they developed social skills. As for me, being a single parent I felt Freedom School came at the right time, because last summer, I did not know where my children were going for the summer and other programs were very expensive. Freedom School was held in a familiar, fun and safe environment that gave me a peace of mind to know I did not have to worry while at work if they were getting into trouble. I pray that you are able to keep this program funded, as there are many families that can benefit from your program. I am very grateful my children were blessed to attend and they looking forward to next summer.”

Speedway Children’s Charities support and funding allows Freedom School Partners to provide out-of-school-time programming to children and families living in Charlotte’s most fragile neighborhoods.