God has been good to Youth Commission International. Eight students have made the decision to give their lives to Christ so far this school term through YCI clubs! We are thanking God for drawing those youth unto Him, but we are also full of gratitude for Speedway Children Charities. Had it not been for the grant money we received from your great organization, we would not have been able to make sure that our clubs had the resources and training needed to win their school campuses for Christ.

Youth Commission International is a non-profit organization with a vision to reach the world for Christ through youth. We do that through Christian clubs that are student-started and student-led on middle and high school campuses. Currently, there are nearly 90 YCI clubs in the Charlotte region. Each week, students in our clubs stand boldly for Christ and tell their peers the Good News.

On behalf of the students, youth leaders, and teachers involved in YCI clubs, Thank you, Speedway Children Charities for awarding us with a grant. It was a seed that has already begun to produce fruit and will continue to do so in the future.