The goal of the KinderMourn program is to provide bereavement support to children and teens who cannot access KinderMourn's in-house support services due to economic factors and transportation issues.

Grief services, including support groups and individual counseling are offered at local schools and neighborhood community centers.  Due to the generosity of Speedway Children's Charities, 26 bereavement support groups were offered last year and hundreds of children learned to express their feelings and explore healthy and appropriate ways to grieve.

The following story was shared by a teacher at Highland Renaissance Elementary and captures the heart of Helping The Hurt and how your donation made a difference.

A kindergarten student named Alyssa participated in a Helping the Hurt support group last fall following the sudden and tragic death of her mother.  Alyssa's father had never been involved in her life and this five-year-old child was overwhelmed with feelings of grief and loss. 

Every Tuesday, just after lunch, Alyssa approached her teacher and announced, "Miss Amber, it's time for my grace group."  For the first several weeks, Miss Amber attempted to correct her saying, "'s your grief group, not your grace group."  However, Alyssa insisted on calling it her "grace group".

Every Tuesday, for eight weeks, Alyssa was the first to arrive for the group and fully participated in every activity.  Instead of anger, resentment and hopelessness, this little girl learned to work through her grief with hope, dignity and grace.

The Speedway's Children's Charities support and funding extends the hand of grace to Alyssa and hundreds of other grieving children and teens who reach out to KinderMourn.