The funds provided by the Speedway Children's Charities allowed POST to give the Charlotte community a glimpse of what a community-wide solution to 21st Century skill acquisition would look like and how it can be implemented in a meaningful and effective way for young people throughout the community.

The Leaf & STEM project and its subsequent implementation in Middle School Matters program has highlighted quality programming. More specifically, during the last semester of the 2008-2009 school year the Citizen Schools Middle School Matters afterschool program at Albemarle Road Middle School had approximately 15 students to participate in a videography apprenticeship. The students used digital video cameras and computer software to make a documentary of the Citizen Schools Middle School Matters program. They went through an assessment of every role that would need to be filled in order to best produce a film, including camera-person, sound, editor and producer, and decided which of their peers would be best suited to fill each position. The group of students put together story boards and a schedule for filming the documentary. They shot and edited the film with the guidance of adults who understood both technology and youth development, making the experience meaningful for the students while also producing a great documentary.

This is just one example of what is possible when afterschool programs are given the technology, resources, and personnel necessary to bring the 21st Century into programming and curricula.