Holy Angels, Inc., in Belmont, NC received a grant in 2008 from Speedway Children's Charities for our Medical Equipment Acquisition Project. With the support from SCC, one of the items we were able to purchase is a purchase a crib-sized adaptive large bed.

Many of our children are very active sleepers with very erratic sleep patterns. The children are non-ambulatory and require monitoring to make sure they are safe and resting comfortably. The crib bed mattress has extra padding to support brittle bones and joints for those children who have cerebral palsy or neuromuscular disorders. Our children do not have typical sleep patterns or protective defenses to instinctively know when they are about to fall out of bed. Some of our children also have limited eye-sight, which impacts their resting patterns, as well. The bed has high sides with one side that is clear plastic so the nursing staff can quickly respond to the child when needed.