Kylie came to Thompson Child Development Center (TCDC) in January 2009. She was receiving Inclusion Support services through the Polliwog Project because the center she was enrolled in was not able to support her challenging behavior needs. When an opening became available at TCDC, the Polliwog Inclusion Specialist collaborated with TCDC's Inclusion Specialist to ensure a smooth transition of services. Immediately, the staff identified issues that created difficulty in Kylie experiencing success in the classroom. She had difficulty with expressing emotions (often becoming violent or curled on the floor in the fetal position) and mental health support was a clear need for her and her family. Due to the family's poor insurance coverage, she accessed the Agency's resources to receive an Occupational Therapy evaluation, and participates in individual and family outpatient therapy through Thompson. Kylie's mother is extremely concerned and afraid that her daughter will be kicked out of Kindergarten. Her mother has expressed these very real concerns with TCDC's Inclusion Specialist, and plans are being made for TCDC to provide extra support and guidance to the family and Kindergarten teachers during the transition. (Attached is a book created by Kylie - Everyday I Love to Play. She drew the pictures and dictated the text that her teacher then wrote on each picture. Notice the smiling faces, rainbows, flowers and sunshine that illustrate her healing, happiness and safety.)

Kylie is now a rising Kindergartener and has truly blossomed making significant strides. Unfortunately, due to her remarkable emotional and social needs, Kindergarten will be a struggle for her, but interventions are in place to support her needs that will continue in Kindergarten: Behavior Therapy through Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools; Outpatient Therapy; Occupational Therapy and a transition to Kindergarten plan that will be conveyed through TCDC staff.

The story of Kylie beautifully illustrates the impact that TCDC has made on one child and family. All children learn through play, but without ample and varied toys and materials available for children to explore, their learning is stifled. Speedway Children's Charities funding allowed TCDC to supply all the classrooms with an adequate number of developmentally appropriate toys for children to engage in learning through play. In Kylie's case, her play, guided by her nurturing and empathetic teachers has led her down a path of healing. Speedway Children's Charities funding allows TCDC to serve children and families through healing, teaching, worship and play.