That's the sentiment from Karen Aschenbrenner who's daughter Jenna was diagnosed with cancer of the retina at 18-months old.

After a long fight, Jenna has now been in remission for 4 years. She has a prosthetic eye and according to her parents, up until she went to Camp Care, an organization providing children with cancer and their siblings the opportunity to go to camp and meet others like themselves, she was barely talking and wasn't socializing at all.

"All that changed though after she went to the camp," says Aschenbrenner. "She was a completely different child when she got home from the week long camp. My husband and I were in tears when she told me ‘Mommy, I have friends'," says Aschenbrenner.

Jenna's older brother Jake also attended the week long camp which Aschenbrenner says he considers the best week of his life and looks forward to going back this summer.

Camp Care has been a Speedway Children's Charities organization since 1999.