Speedway Children's Charities has been in full swing for fundraising. We've hosted a gala, driven golf carts during races, and put on a golf tournament to raise money for SCC Charlotte, all within the past month.

Our most recent event was our annual General Tom Sadler Memorial Golf Tournament, which took place at the Ballantyne Resort Golf Club. Different companies and businesses supported this event by either donating money or registering to compete in this fun, annual tradition.

When we got there on that bright, sunny Monday morning, I got to help out and hand out the 'swag bags', which consisted of a pullover sweater, polo, and twelve golf balls. The tournament was set up where teams of 2-4 people represented a company, and the company team attempted to get the lowest score to win the tournament. About 27 teams competed, a majority of them consisting of four members.

A majority of these teams were companies that had chosen to sponsor the event or who had sponsored Speedway Children's Charities as a whole in the past. Some of these companies included Bojangles, Coca Cola, Gaylor Electric, JHE Production Group, and United Rentals.

Besides a tournament, there were also side events and perks that a number of the golfers decided to participate in.  77 golfers competed in the putting contest, which included a Mulligan deal which entitled the buyer to two redos.

Finally there was the NASCAR hole, where 14 teams decided to compete.  At this hole, the teams competed to see who could hit the golf ball into the hole the fastest. Instead of focusing on precision, these teams focused on speed.

The main event however, was the golf tournament. The golfers played 18 holes on the Ballantyne Resort Golf Course from 8:30 a.m. until around 1 p.m. in the blazing 95 degree heat. The teams competed to try and get the lowest score out of all of their team. Beginning at a hole, they would each take a shot. Whichever shot landed closest to the hole was determined as the placement for the team's first shot overall. They would then move on to that spot and once again each shoot from there to get as close to the target as possible.

The team would take their best score from that hole and use only that as a part of their overall team score. I sat at the 7th hole on the golf course. After teams would finish at that hole, they'd come to me to report their score.  I got to use an iPad's special golf app to send in the score for that hole to a universal scoreboard, which helped determine the winning team.

After all the scores were tabulated together, Corey Glass held a closing ceremony where he announced the winners, while we all munched on food provided by Outback Steak House.

In First Place was the Great Wolf Lodge Team, consisting of Pat Barber, Kevin Bryant, Randy Danison, and Casey Wallen. They ended up winning a race helmet labeled 'First Place'.

The General Tom Sadler Memorial Golf Tournament collected a little over $46,000 overall for the Charlotte Chapter of Speedway Children's Charities. It was great fun and raised a lot of money for SCC Charlotte, so I'd call the event a success!

Written by Angela Poffenbaugh