If you were at our 34th Annual Gala then you remember this adorable puppy, and if you have ever wondered where that puppy is today and what she is doing, we have good news for you.  

We are happy to update you that the puppy, Emma is doing very well and is in training to become a therapy dog. She was brought home by Kevin and Carie to Ohio and got to meet her sisters, Zoe and Ginger. At 18 months, Emma has been in training since she was brought home. She is an AKC K9 Good Citizen and has had the opportunity to visit Carie's grandmother in a nursing home, where everyone loves seeing her. The next step is for her to become certified for hospital visits. She has a little bit more training to accomplish before she can pass the test, but once she does she will be able to bring joy to patients in the hospital.

As a therapy dog, Emma provides many benefits including, lowering blood pressure, improving cardiovascular health, lifting spirits and lessening depression for the patients and nursing home residents she visits.

A bright future is ahead for Emma and we are thankful to Kevin and Carie for taking such good care of her and being wonderful supporters to Speedway Children's Charities.